RFID Interoperability- LKI Press Statement 2020-079

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December 15, 2020



Consumer advocacy group Laban Konsyumer Inc. (LKI) recently called out the inter- operability of the RFID, saying “We as a consumer group have no objection to E-Payments for toll use although its justification on the back of the pandemic is dubious. But the order for its universal use should be premised on public welfare and toll users’ interest ahead of private toll operators.”

LKI President Atty. Vic Dimagiba said “For the above to happen, the following things need to be done: First, it is imperative that they suspend the order for 100% cashless transaction and/or at the very least, reset  the unrealistic deadline of 01-Dec. Also, any deadline should be predicated on a working inter-operability, or One RFID for ALL.”

Dimagiba explained that “This is not new – the clamor for such a seamless system has been there since 2016; while the plan for inter-operability was already on TRB’s action inbox since 2003. The obstacles to inter-operability is NOT technology, but clashing financial interests that TRB can, and should adjudicate.”

Consumer group LKI continued in their statement that “Motorists should not be penalized with traffic penalty for insufficient cash balance. That is not contemplated under RA#4136. It should be toll operators that should be penalized for dysfunctional toll gates. We also believe that at least two ( 2 )  cash lanes should always be open, for the occasional and new users.”

LKI highlighted how, “this system has potential but it must be implemented and executed properly, so as to protect consumer welfare on the road, especially during the holidays and the ongoing pandemic.” The group concluded that “swift action must be taken as we enter the second half of December, forward into the new year of 2021.”

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