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LKI Statement on Meralco power rate rollback

LKI STATEMENT on the reported Meralco rate reduction . COULD Be higher rollback  if not  for the ERC Orders  as stated in LKI Press Statement 2020 041 as attached.

August  10, 2020

 Nabasa ko yun Meralco press statement on the rollback of 20 centavos.  May na observe ako sa purchases from the PSA which increased  by 27 centavos, and directionally opposite the  reduction in the IPP and more WESM . I think the ERC decision  that inputs the plant capacity  factor  in the prov authority of the  3 san miguel plants could  explain  the higher PSA cost pkwh. Any dispatch less than 100 % will increase  the amount of the prov authority.  the erc  should have not modified its decision  . As lki stated earlier  the decison  of the erc  will increase  the power rate.

Sayang  consumers  could have enjoyed a bigger reduction. Kontrabida talaga yan ERC.