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LKI 2020-048 Press Statement- implement payment plan for water utilities.

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AUGUST 7, 2020 





Consumer Group Laban Konsyumer Inc. (LKI) called on both water utility companies Maynilad and Manila Water, communicating to these utility companies and concessionaires themselves to “urge those in the water sector to implement a multiple month installment plan, similar to what was done by Meralco. We at LKI do not know the MECQ duration, and how long this lockdown and pandemic will last. Consumers all around the country are being severely challenged by these trials and have no means to work or make ends meet for their families. IATF said they can no longer suport those suffering under the MECQ and that the government’s funds are running out. Thus we call on Manila Water and Maynilad to implement the same or similar installment plan scheme being carried out in the energy sector. September 30 is just a month from now. But with ECQ back the pockets of the consumers will be further stretched out. So the plea for the installments is being made now for water concessionaires to do a similar installment plan.” 


LKI President Atty. Vic Dimagiba said “for example, Meralco has ensured that consumers have the option to settle their ECQ bills covering the ECQ months in across and spread out through several month. This installment scheme gives customers more time and space to prepare to be able to save up and be able to pay for their electricity bills. This is a good set-up that the water companies can follow suit and use as a peg when they spread out their billing and payment as well. Consumers of electricity were able to benefit from such a framework and can be replicated moving forward by other utilities.” 


The consumer group said that “there have been many concerns and complaints by consumers about their water bills, so it is about time that this installment plan is executed so that consumer welfare can be protected at all costs. Again, the energy sector can be the model tro folow in these times of pandemic. Priority right now should be the health and safety, and overall welfare of the consumer, and they cannot be bogged down right now by the stress and pressure to pay high water bill prices.” ###