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LKI 2020-038 Press Statement Stop collection of the 10 % tariff on fuel prices

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JUNE 26, 2020


In a public statement today, consumer advocacy group Laban Konsyumer Inc. (LKI) and its President Atty. Vic Dimagiba explained that “for everybody’s information, the collection of the  10 percent tariff on fuel products ends June 25, 2020, based on Section 7 of  Executive Order  113 Series of  2020 and the Bayanihan to Heal as One Law. This is true, but there are no guidelines nor info materials  put about by the Department of Energy or the DOE. “  Dimagiba asked  “When will  stock   there  be a rollback  in the range of  Php 1.45 to Php 1.65 per liter, each,  for diesel and gasoline. 

Dimagiba said “we as consumers are still recovering from the lockdown and the community quarantine, and we are all still adjusting to the new normal. In fact, many people have already lost their jobs and have no means to raise money for their families. More and more we see news about companies, even the big major corporations, having to lay off employees. Small businesses are also being forced to shut down.”

LKI highlighted how “With all this happening, motorists should be afforded lower rates in terms of fuel costs so as to ease their burden especially when it comes to transportation. Thus as the 10 percent tariff ends for fuel , and there are no guidelines being put out by the DOE, and then the cheaper and lower prices for the fuel of the next stock be implemented immediately so that consumers can avail of better rates.”

LKI stated that “ motorists have shared in the Covid 19  but unfortunately, the Department of Energy did not and has not issued guidelines on this. But we call on government and the DOE to issue guidelines already on this issue, so that consumers can benefit from lower fuel rates, especially during these challenging times of pandemic. We do not want to see another fiasco as to what happened with the Energy Regulatory Commission where they are always late in issuing guidelines.  We as the consumer always have to get the additional burden, and this seems very unfair in our professional eyes.”

DImagiba pointed out that “The poor consumer should not be the one forced to carry the heavy responsibility of absorbing and paying for high fuel prices. The oil companies must find it in their hearts to take on this responsibility and look out for the greater good of the Philippine consumer. This is the least they can do for the consumer as it is becoming more and more increasingly difficult to make money and to make ends meet. We are hoping the DOE and the oil companies can come to terms and find an arrangement in which they should immediately stop collecting  charges from the consumers . And technically, with no guidelines, there already is no real or actual basis on what the motorists should pay, and this is very dangerous unless DOE and the oil companies already step up to the plate, and not abuse their power or leverage.”

LKI concluded by asking for quick action to be taken by the DOE in order to enforce the proper guidelines that will protect consumer welfare and create a more favorable, convenient and comfortable atmosphere and environment for the Filipino motorist. The group believes this is one good step and way to boost the morale of working Filipinos and improve their lifestyles during the pandemic, which continues to rage on.