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LKI 2020-016 on Cheaper Medicines MDRP

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LKI 2020 -016 PRESS STATEMENT , April 12, 2020



Amidst  Covid 19, consumers sees a big relief and financial assistance   on reduced prices of medicines. Thanks to Executive Order No. 104 , which was signed by  the President  on February 17, 2020 , or the Maximum Drug Retail Prices . The MDRP will take effect no later than June 2, 2020.  The Executive Order slashes prices to as low as 50% off  current retail prices  of medicines  for  hypertension ,  diabetes, cancer, asthma , analgesics, among others . 

In  a statement , consumer  group Laban Konsyumer Inc. (LKI) called on the government and the private sector  to assure consumers of continuous and adequate supply of medicines . The reduced prices will help patients, many of whom are facing financial difficulties due  to the Covid 19. 

 At  the same time ,the consumer group cautions  consumers against    “stockpiling “ at  the expense of other consumers who are in need of medication .

The  consumer group also called on the government to ensure unhampered transport and distribution of medicines and medical devices. 

Pharmaceutical and medical supplies manufacturers on Wednesday warned against “over-stockpiling’ of medicines by patients, as the Philippines tackles the COVID-19 crisis. In a statement, the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Association of the Philippines (PHAP) said the high demand for vitamins and specific medicines has led to an artificial shortage of these drugs. “While we understand concerns of patients, stockpiling beyond their current need for a given period will not help improve the medicine supply situation in the country,” the PHAP said.  

LKI supports all effort in this war against the pandemic, and calls on PHAP as it said it is ready to work with the government in planning strategies for future public health emergencies.