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LKI express concern on possible delays in PSA applications and approval

On another subject , LKI raised earlier a plea that the ERC and DOE should coordinate and collaborate for the success of the CSP on power supply . Then Meralco publicly announced the signing of a total of 6 Power Supply Agreements . 

The next legal step is to file separate petitions to ERC for approval of the PSAs.

At the moment LKI reserve the issuance of their position on the matter of the net blended rate impact of the Psa if favorable to the consumers . 

LKI received a copy of an ERC letter to DOE that poses a clear and present threat to delays in the processes . The letter had not been publicly issued and consumers are once more kept in limbo on the fast resolution of the Psa.  What is very important is that the additional suplly of power source should be approved as quickly as possible . 

The ERC instruction for a DOE certification of compliance to the CSP process is not in the DOE Circular affirmed by the Supreme Court  .Much less was it an agreement later by ERC and DOE . The requirement added a timeline in the process. 

Albeit any such certification is self serving as any oppositor can challenge the CSP. That’s the consumer choice and decision .

BUT ERC should withdraw such unilateral instruction that undermines the processes , to the prejudice of the consumers .