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Laban Konsyumer calls on PAMPI on supply and prices of meat products

September  26, 2019 

Laban Konsyumer reaches out – Hello PAMPI ? 

Who should “police ” 

the PAMPI guys ? 

First , they want to increase prices from 2 to 5 pct . 

And looks like the DTI will allow them. 

Second , there will be a shortage of processed and canned goods in the Visayas .

Third  less ham this holiday and higher prices . 

Fourth , they opposed the ban on porks on certain areas of the country .

Are these guys fanning more fear and anxiety to consumers.  and for what ulterior motives?

Yet . We scantly are informed of the industry  group specific  activities on alleviating the plight of the affected hog raisers most of them are micro enterpreneurs, or have they voluntarily taken remedial steps to accelerate the quarantine and isolation of affected hog farms  , as well as preventive steps so as to curtail at the quickest  time the  disease . 

We are reminded of that Ferengini character Quark in the Star Trek Series  Deep Space Nine whose motto is a Rule of Acquisition which states that at any time take  opportunity for profit . 

” Hello PAMPI  ” from Laban Konsyumer .