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LKI 28th Press Statement on D O E Circular on fuel prices adjustments unbundling

June 1, 2019

LKI 28th Press Statement 

LKI Statement on DOE  DC 2019-05-0008 on Unbundled Price Adjustment. 

LKI welcomes the issuance of the DOE DC . It is a good start and good news for all consumers.  

  We earnestly await the implementation of the circular which will allow consumers to  understamd why oil prices  adjustments weekly are the same amount  for gas , diesel and kerosene for all oil companies whether  pure importers  or those with refineries.

 Notwithstanding  the confidentiality provisions, we believe the DOE or any oil company should  inform consumers the details   on the unbundled price adjustment . 

The Laban Konsyumer  Inc. express  its appreciation to the DOE officials  and staff who worked on the circular for one year and a half like  Atty Rino Abad, Ms Rodelia Romero , Asec Pulido, Usec Maecos , Usec Wimpy Fuentebella,  and Sec Alfonso  Cusi.