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LKI 27th Press Statement- Meralco power rate rollback

June 6 , 2019 , LKI 27th  Press Statement

LKI  statement  on Meralcos  power rate rollback

While we welcome the rate reduction let us not forget that there is still an ongoing unresolved issue on wesm price spikes in the past. Has this been addressed and what has happened regarding the investigation.

Also the sc has already ruled on csp but an eerie silence from erc as to when rules will be promulgated and subsequently implemented by both the genco and the DU is defeaning.

At the end of the day we need supply.the series of yellow and red alerts already indicates we are teetering on a potential power crisis in the near future and if nothing is done we will soon revert back to the blackouts of the 1990s. The most expensive electricity is having no electricity.