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February -March 2018 Performance Report

February ? March 2018 Performance Report
1. LKI filed a petition with the Supreme Court and we claimed that the Tax Reform law is not equitable and progressive taxation, violates due process of law and equal protection of the law, void for lack of quorum and that tax laws must exclusively emanate in the Congress.
The Office of the Solicitor General had until April 11, 2018 to submit the Government Comment.
2. The case against Globe Telecom for collecting 50.00 pesos for a printed Statement of Account is now pending decision with the National Telecommunication Commission or NTC.
Meantime, NTC had conducted public hearing on the draft Electronic Billing Guidelines and is pending promulgation.
3. We continue to act as resource persons in the House and the Senate on various bills and resolutions regarding unbundling of the retail price of petroleum products, the proposed full liberalization of the retail trade law, food security and availability of NFA rice, oil price discounts to qualified farmers, nakaw load, use of the Malampaya funds to subsidize power rates on the universal charges and regulation of the e- cigarettes.
4. We continue to oppose the Feed In tariff or FIT Allowance subsidy that are imposed to the consumers for the benefit of the renewable energy sector in the Energy Regulatory Commission. The opposition prays for an appropriate refund of a sum of money per Kwh paid by all on grid customers nationwide.
5. We participated in the observance of World Consumer Rights Day last March 15, 2018 on the theme ? A Fair Deal on Digital Commerce ?.
6. We proposed the imposition of A Suggested Retail Price for commercial rice amidst the zero inventory of the NFA rice.
7. We joined as a panel resource person in an EU forum on the bill proposing the full liberalization of the Retail Trade Law.
8. The media continues as our partner in our advocacy on sharing consumer issues and information.