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Imported cement passed standards tests

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All cement imports passed tests conducted by DTI
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Published March 29, 2018, 10:00 PM
By Bernie Cahiles-Magkilat
All imported cement have complied with all quality and standards requirements as shown by the results of the post shipment tests conducted by the Department of Trade and Industry(DTI).
DTI Secretary Ramon M. Lopez said the imported cement undergone post shipment tests by Bureau of Product Standard (BPS)-accredited testing laboratories.
The post shipment test was in line with the implementation of the revised DTI Department Administrative Order (DAO) 17-06:2017, governing the procedure in testing the standard compliance of all imported cement.
?So far so good. We found 100 percent compliance where all shipments of imported cement passed the post shipment tests conducted by the BPS-accredited testing laboratories,? Lopez said.
Since the DAO?s implementation in November 2017 to the month of March 2018, there were a total of 167 shipments/importations of a total of 1.934 million metric tons done by 32 traders/manufacturers, said Lopez.
Of the 167 shipments, 24 conducted preshipment tests from source country, also from accredited testing laboratories, and all these preshipment tests were subjected to post shipment tests and todate, all passed the postshipment critical tests.
This review is being done to doublecheck if preshipment tests, which some importers avail of, would also pass the critical tests done when they arrive in out country.
It will be recalled that the DAO was issued by DTI to ensure that the cement being imported gets to be tested for strict standard compliance, following the mandate of the President Duterte to protect the interest of consumers and ensure that the cement being used domestically are of high quality and safe. Importation of both traders and manufacturers are now subjected to full tests.
This is also in support of the aggressive infrastructure program that the Duterte administration is pushing for, where supply of quality cement will also be assured so as to stabilize cement prices, Lopez added.
He further added that recent monitoring of cement prices also showed stability at the level if P212 per bag last December going down to P205 per bag this February.