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A new cement manufacturer

Re the news that a new cement company will be established by a local investor . PDI mobile Jan 12 2018.
since more than a year ago when I filed an anti competition complaint before the Phil Competition Comm vs Cemap and Ordonez , the cement industry had developed into an encouraging market based competition . With importers and expansion of eagle cement and now this news . Even dti whom I also alleged to be the target of the cemap regulatory capture had repealed an import regulation that gave green lane to local cement importation . Dti did This due to intense pressure from importers and Laban Konsyumer inc. which was formed after I filed the complaint .
caveat though to PCC. These local companies are giant boys. Looking ahead PCC must strictly review any potential buyout and mergers in the industry .These things happened in the past , when I was still in the school and university .
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