LKI statement in Business Mirror end of the year report on power .

Our consumer group actively participates in the regulatory processes as a necessary checks and balances of the power industry being dominated by the powerful resources of the generation , transmission and distribution companies. We always bear in mind that the statutory least cost of power that consumers should pay has not been achieved . The country had remained one of the countries in Asean with the most expensive retail electricity rate .

The energy regulators had been primarily the authors of an expensive power rate. They adeptly sat on cases that challenges what we believe are illegal orders and resolutions . They are very skilled in managing an expensive rate to the detriment of the consumers.

We constantly argue with hearing officers and expensive law firms in this advocacy against feed In Tariff, Feed in tariff allowance, transmission wheeling rates , Pass on real property tax, local franchise tax and business tax and the cost of alternative liquid fuel, among others.

We shall continue our vigilance and will plant more seeds against what we feel are examples of a regulatory capture by the power sector of the energy regulators.

Laban Konsyumer Inc.
Vic Dimagiba

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