Letter to Senate and House Energy Committees


 May 24 , 2021

Senator Sherwin Ting Gatchalian

Chair , Senate Energy Committee 

Congressman  Juan Miguel M.  Arroyo 

Chair, House Energy Committee

Subject : Amendments to  the Renewable Energy Act of 2008 or Republic Act 9513  and the Murang  Kuryemte Act or Republic Act No. 11371

Dear Senator Gatchalian and Congressman Arroyo :

This is a proposal from the Laban Konsyumer Inc. to the Honorable Senator Gatchalian and Congressman Arroyo  for the filing of a Bill that shall implement  the policy announcement of the Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi in the hearing of April 27,2021 on the removal of the Feed in Tariff or FIT  that are paid to the renewable energy  developers .

The Congressional records will show that Secretary Cusi categorically affirmed in the JCEC hearing his announcement that they have stopped and removed the FIT  that causes higher electricity rate to the consumers .

To set in motion the policy statement into a law, our consumer group propose for  Congress to amend  the  Renewable Energy Act of 2008 or

Republic Act 9513 and the Murang Kuryente Act or Republic Act No. 11371.  1 . We refer to the repeal of Section 7 on Feed in Tariff System . 

  • In addition , the Act needs to incorporate the Competitive Selection Process in the sale of electricity by the renewable energy developers and the  procurement of electricity by Distribution Utilities which is currently embodied in a Department of Energy Circular  DC 2018-02-0003 . 
  • For the consumers to feel immediately the impact of the removal of the FIT ,  we also propose that the Feed in Tariff Allowance or FIT ALL being paid by the consumers that increases every year be absorb under the Murang Kuryente  Act or Republic Act No. 11371 . This will require the amendment of  Section 4 of the MKA. 

Lastly, we support the removal of the expiration date of the JCEC  term of office as proposed..

Thank you very much.

Very truly yours,

Atty. Victorio Mario A. Dimagiba, AB, LLB,LLM  President, Laban Konsyumer Inc.

 Cc:  Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi

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