LKi Statement on the 4.5 % April 2021 inflation

Currently, the urgent need for community pantries, and the fast spread of such practices in various, different LGUs means that first and foremost, there is a large sector of marginalized consumers still greatly affected by the pandemic, and many of our kababayans have taken it upon themselves to aid those in need, or those lacking the finances or purchase power, in whatever small way they can.Regarding the impact on inflation, we believe that the amount of vegetables, rice and fruits being distributed at the community pantries is still not large enough to have a major impact on the prices in markets, despite the demand going down. And, it must also be noted that many times, those individuals or groups who do provide the products still get them from markets.In summary, our group still supports and advocates any measures done by our fellow Filipino consumers in order to help those still reeling from the effects of the ongoing pandemic. And regardless of the community pantry movement or not, it is still clear to us that government must also play an important role in bringing down prices of basic products and goods in order to ensure consumer welfare and empower our citizens throughout this prolonged pandemic.

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