LKI Press Statement 2021-018 on guidelines re online discounts to senior citizens

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April 25, 2021

Consumer group egging government for lacking guidelines on senior citizen discounts on online purchases

In a recent press release, Laban Konsyumer Inc. (LKI), said that they found the DWSD response dated December 10, 2020 but released only on April 23, 2021 very inadequate, and that there are no rules and guidelines for senior citizen and PWD discounts, especially for online purchases, as well as during the pandemic are severely insufficient and lacking to properly ensure that consumer welfare is protected.

Dimagiba said, “on a personal note, and from personal experience, here in Mercury Drugstore Fairview,  I can order my medicines thru Viber, attached the photos of my senior citizen card, prescription and  pay via Pay Maya or G-cash. I get my 12 percent VAT exemption and 20 percent discount. For food order, it follows the same protocols but I can still count many  that don’t extend discount. The situation is improving but needs much closer monitoring by the government to regulate and ensure that senior citizens are getting their discounts for their welfare during this time of pandemic.”

He continued his explanation pointing out that “ Tim Horton’s, Wang Fu and Grabs Pabili are among others that don’t extend discount, unlike  Alex III, Dapo and  Pizza Hut. Thus, we at LKI still hold that guidelines and strict monitoring by government is necessary as the response letter to our advocacy group provides.”

It is frustrating  that  the DSWD response letter partly stated that  “based on your concerns, online purchases of Senior Citizens and PWDs are not granted with the discounts as provided for in related laws. As a requirement for availing the discounts on direct food orders, through online or telephone, the senior citizen or PWD must inform the food establishment of their ID numbers and shall present the same upon delivery, and the food establishment may refuse to grant the discount. Plus, there are limited rules and guidelines regarding food-hailing deliveries in terms of Senior Citizen and PWD, and since there are no guidelines, food establishments cannot be forced to implement such discounts.”

LKI said “that is why we call for strategies and policies regarding the above cases to be formulated to adapt and be responsive to the New Normal and current pandemic situation applicable to the Senior Citizens and the PWDs. We hope that the organization that is the National Commission of Senior Citizens will work and function for the welfare and benefits of these groups.”

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