Lki press statement 2021-017 power rate hikes and rolling brownouts loom this summer , April 21, 2021

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April 21, 2021

Consumer Group-  power rate hikes and rolling brown outs  loom this summer  

The long delayed publication and release of the 2021 to 2023  Grid Operating and Maintenance Program or GOMP was uploaded on  April 21, 2021 in website of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines ( NGCP)  and the Department of Energy  ( DOE ) . The GOMP should have been issued in October 2020.Because of the long delay, there are not much time meaningful for the stakeholders to prepare for the coming red and yellow alerts .

The  2021  Weekly Demand, Supply and Reserve  Profile as of April 15, 2021  shows three ( 3 ) Red Alerts and (  5 )  Yellow Alerts  for the summer months April, May and June . One plant that trips during a yellow alert will cause rolling brownouts in the affected areas. Red Alerts mean rolling brownouts in the affected service areas .

The red Alerts are the periods April 23 to 29, May 28 to June 3 and June 4 to 10. 

The yellow alerts are the periods April 16 to 22, April 30 to May 6,May 7 to  13 and June 11 to 17.

In addition to the yellow and red Alerts , Vic Dimagiba , LKI President said per DOE Circular  No.  2020-02-0004     ,there should be no maintenance schedule  during peak quarter. But you have to look at the charts for Luzon, and the power situation does not look good as April, May and June have planned outages, whether unplanned, original and revised schedules .There are too many power plant outages being projected for the coming weeks and months and this situation  will heavily burdened  consumers thru higher generation charges . 

In an earlier separate press statement, Meralco said spot market prices increased by Php  2.5991 per kwh for the April billing month .

Dimagiba  said in a recent interview with media that “when supply of power is lacking, the prices in the spot market go up increasingly, and distribution utilities are forced to get their sourcing from spot market with high generation costs that will burden the consumers.”. 

Dimagiba summarized the plant outages , whether unplanned , original  and revised schedule of the Power  Supply and Demand for the peak quarter as follows :

-BCF Unit 1 300 MW March 31 to April 7 

          -Sual Unit 1 647 MW, April 7 to April 30

          -SBPL, 506 MW, April 3 to April 27 

          -Limay PH 1 ,150 MW, Feb 26 to April 1

         -GN Power  36 MW ,March  1 to May 23

  • Petron 36 MW , Unit 3 , May 1 to May 26 

         -Pagbilao  382  MW,   June 12 to July 11

  • Petron  Units 1 to 4, 36 MW each , June 1 to 7
  • SLPGC, Unit 1,  150 MW,  June 15 to July  30

         -SLPGC, Unit 2 ,150 MW , June 1 to  July  15

  • Limay ,  PH 1 ,150 MW June 15 to June 30
  • Limay ,PH 3, 150 MW, June 15 to June 30 

         -Malaya ,350MW  June 1 to June 30 

     Dimagiba noted that transmission facilities nationwide have almost negligible  or isolated maintenance schedule in the summer months .

      Dimagiba calls on the DOE to strictly implement the GOMP rule of zero plant maintenance for the peak quarter . The spot market operator should immediately spot any irregular price spikes in the  market  and use their powers to investigate and impose sanctions on erring plant owners . Consumers can contribute in the use of energy efficiently and judiciously . 

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