LKI Press Statement 2021-012, Energy and Water savings tips

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PRESS  LKI 2021-012

April 4, 2021

Consumer Group joins call for back to basics  energy and water savings tips this peak summer months /quarter

  1. For those using electric fans , clean the blade and housing of dusts and particles .
  2. For those using air condition unit, maintain regularly and clean the filters and condensers .
  3. Turn off the lights when not needed. Also… Use natural light as much as possible.
  4. LED bulbs are recommended for lights. LED TVs are also more energy efficient. For appliances, inverter technology is more energy efficient.

5. Unplug unused electric appliances such as television , rice cooker , stove , radio.

           6.  Do not open the refrigerator for a longer time than needed. Keep it full but do not overload.

7  Take advantage of the sunny weather by hanging clothes under the sun than running a cycle in the dryer to dry them.

8. Water garden and plants in the morning.

9. Avoid use of running water.

10. Maintain a standby water containers for drinking and hygiene.

11. Watch out for power and water supply interruptions notices .

12.Keep your 2021 water and electricity bills handy .

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