Update on price manipulation investigation of pork prices , March 12 , 2021

Good morning . March 12 , 2021

Fyi . In the March 11 2021 hearing of the HREP Comm on food and agriculture , question asked for an update on the alleged price manipulation of pork prices.

A resource person from the nbi was called .

Here are my notes .

The resource person detailed the role of the middlemen, who is called an the agent, the viajero and the wet market retailer

He said that before the ASF, the agent set a Php 100 commission Per Head of hog.

Then the viajero add from Php 10 to Php 20 per head .

By the time the hog reaches NCR the hog is about Php 140 to Php 150 a kilo .

At the retailer or wet Market, the hog is Php 180 to Php 200 a kilo .

During ASF, the same agent now collects Php 5 to Php 10per kilo commission on a live hog or an average Php 800 per head.

He was at the point of saying something on trucking … when he was interrupted for lack of time and was requested that the report be submitted to the Committee.

BTIN …..

On the other at the Senate hearing a day before, the same question was asked but the answer given was when they inspected slaughter houses, wala silang nakita hogs that came from the Visayas and Mindanao…

BTIN din.

These hearings are tasking ….but LKI continues to participate and keep abreast. …

Thank you.

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