On ” fake honey ” – LKI 2020 -078 Press Statement

December 15, 2020

LKI Press Statement 2020- 078

On ^ Fake Honey*- consumers asking .

Here we go again .

How much trust do consumers have that the alleged report of* fake honey ^ is true and accurate ?

Will the regulators name and disclose the brand names of the alleged ” fake honey ” so consumers can exercise caution and beware in buying the ” fake honey “?

Are these * fake honey ” harmful to health?

When they are not pure honey bee , then they are Plain and simple sugar which consumers buy in the market either as refined brown or raw sugar ?

Are real honey cheaper than the ” fake honey * or visa versa?

Then this can be a situation of mislabeling and false advertisement of the product ?

The ” fake honey ” is not toxic nor poison , as can be understood in the report published in the media ?

Then why are imported brands tested and all passed and the results compared with local brands?

Is there a marketing tweak to the study ?

Did the alleged local brand owners of the ” fake honey” given the opportunity to explain their product nutrients and.content on the testing done?

Is the test parameters the acceptable test methods? Or would other test Methods show a contrary report?

Is this * shoot first and then defend later “?

To all the regulators, kindly inform consumers what and how we should act on our right to choose and Information on the report ?

After the synthetic vinegar case where no disclosure and recall of products were done, should we consumers trust this report.?

Are we consumers taken for
another ride so to speak?

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