Virtual Workshop on Data Flows World Economic Forum Tuesday, December 1, 2020

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    Philippines: Virtual  Workshop on Data Flows 
    World Economic Forum 
    Tuesday.December 1, 2020
    Session I:  Maintaining and Growing Trust

    By Atty. Victorio Mario A. Dimagiba
    Laban Kosyumer Inc. 

In preparing for this engagement, I asked myself: What policy should the country put in place in order to grow the e-commerce platform into a robust industry that consumers can trust.

I wish to introduce the Filipino consumers to the International Organization for Standards or PNS ISO 20488:2020 on principles of online reviews.

The Bureau of Philippine Standards of the Department of Trade and Industry adopted the ISO Standards in November 2020. I was informed that an information and education campaign shall follow the adoption of the standards.

The ISO standards offer requirements to organizations that manage consumer review sites, detailing good practices throughout the process, from collection to moderation and to publication. It gives recommendations in order to increase consumer trust in online consumer reviews, increase the protection of suppliers from exploitation and mischief, and improve the purchase decisions of consumers and the quality of products and services provided by organizations.

Online reviews are increasingly growing influential to consumers’ purchasing decisions. It is vital to both consumers and suppliers that sites are managed effectively to build confidence in the quality, integrity, accuracy and transparency of reviews.

On the domestic level, there are 3rd party verification start ups but the question is how do they authenticate .

Let us avoid falling into a trap that market reviews are solicited. The Philippines should be made more aware of professional and third party e -commerce site that provides impartial review of online selling platforms in the Philippines that consumers can understand and guide them in their online purchases and thus build up consumer trust in online selling platforms.

More time and effort should be exerted by the Philippine government to boost this capabilities, and so that we meet ISO standards in terms of customer online reviews, and building that sense of trust in the Filipino consumers.

Finally, in the area of regulatory law , the Lower House of Representaives passed on 3rd reading House Bill No. 7805 on Internet Transaction Law whose objectives include a Philippine Trust Mark in the e -commerce platforms. A counterpart Bill is pending in the Senate. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

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