Appeal to issue product standards for air purifiers and humidifiers by LKI to DTI and DOH/FDA

November 26 , 2020

Usec Ruth Castelo

FOOD and Drug Administration

Good morning Madam and Sir:

I am submitting for consideration the adoption of standards for air purifiers and humidifiers.

Amidst Covid 19 the consumers have patronized the use of air purifiers and air humidifiers for the purpose of assuring themselves that the air they inhale in their homes are free of dusts and particles and they feel safer. We can consider that the consumers exercise the
choice for a purpose .

The attached news by UNTV should enable the DTI and the DOH/FDA to consider the adoption of standards Maybe for these products there can be more than one internationally recognized standards that the country can adopt . The news report referred to a US FDA certification which needs verification .

At any rate the adoption of standards can be fast tracked or thru technical committees. Either process is welcome action from the government. The matter of price and warranty as well as labeling and representations should be added in the adoption of standards.

Hoping for your favorable consideration and action .

Thank you very much.

Atty Victorio Dimagiba President Laban Konsyumer Inc.

Hi Vic, FDA only regulates medical devices. These are consumer products so we don’t set standards for them.

Good morning. Will have BPS check if indeed there are international standards that we can adopt.

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