Update on Wesm prices – September vs October 2020

Hello . As an active media person on power rate issues, Am analyzing wesm prices on a regular basis especially when it impacts on power rates . In the Sept to October Meralco power rate report , wesm increased by 1.1605 pkwh . For the October to November, wesm prices went down by 1.2800 pkwh .

In Sept total demand was 10570 mw and 3306mw outages both forced and scheduled. But there were no alerts nor brown out .

In october demand was 10344 mw and outages was 2816 mw daily average.
Both numbers in demand and outages are relatively flat.

I wrote D Montaner of ERC to raise my observation on how wesm behaves just like that. In fact wesm max cap of 32 pesos was breached in Sept.
I have not received any reply .

Really wesm market rules are easily at the mercy of the bidders.

In both September and October with data almost flat the wild increase and decrease is indicative that the wesm market rules need an oversight from am independent entity like PCC. Not erc and doe cause there are interlocking and COI in the personalities.

When epira states least cost there must be predictability in the wesm rates

Thank you .

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