Laban Konsyumer notes on No Disconnection of power and water services

Erc should cónduct public consultation soon before issuing a directive on the no disconnection policy , including the DUs and ECS. Consult the P4P that has launched an online campaign Tigil Bayad, Infrawatch that supports ERC , Meralco, other private DUS and ECS. Also where do the national government stand on providing subsidy to those not able to pay .

On the part of Laban Konsyumer we should look beyond just Providing for extension . What happens after December if bills are not yet paid .

ERC should get data from the private stakeholders on the aging of their bills from March 11 2020 to October . What number of unpaid months Bills deserve to be cut off and what can be given extension?

There should at least 3 notices sent before the cut off is implemented

Ask national government whether they shall be able to subsidize the unpaid bills. For the record at the start of the lockdown LKI already proposed that those consumers with 200 kwh monthly consumption should be subsidized on the 4 or 6 months installment payment scheme. It fell on deaf ears and eyes except we shall study them.

Babalik at Babalik yan no disconnection policy. At this phase of the recovery effort the Regulators should act with sympathy but coupled witlh management policies that weighs all stakeholders opinions and recommendations.

Wag lang dunk shot . Sumabit na yun estimated billing .

This recommendation may also apply to water utilities.

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