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Laban Konsyumer Inc. Official statement on ERC decison against Meralco

Madam Chairperson and Members of the Energy  Regulatory Commission .

I quote hereunder the Laban Konsyumer Inc.  official  statement   on the subject  matter , and quote:

“AUGUST 27,  2020

Statement  of Laban Konsyumer  Inc.  on the ERC decision against Meralco  .

It  is on record  that Labankonsyumer  had issued  statement  in Congress   that the bill shock complaints were due to an ambiguous ERC advisories.

It is also a matter of record that the complaints  on bill shocks came from the consumers  and that the investigations were done by Congress and the  Senate, and belatedly by ERC.

It is also a matter of record  that ERC reported more than 50 000 complaints  on bill shocks in the Senate hearing.

Meralco may comply or dispute the decision .

In the event Meralco  complies,  we propose  that  the 19 million  fines  goes  to the 50 K consumers   pro rata who were prejudiced  and suffered anxiety as fair compensation  .

No amount should be remitted to ERC because  we believe the ERC advisories  were  the root cause of the confusion on the matter of estimated  billing .”  END OF QUOTE

In addition, the Chairperson  replied when allowed by Cong Lord Allan Velasco that the ERC will review their guidelines on the computation of estimated billing in the Congress hearing , which decade old  guidelines need to be updated because the pandemic situation  is totally different , in  answer to the claim of ambiguity of ERC advisories by Laban Konsyumer.

Also the  complaints  on estimated  billing  came from the pro active consumers themselves  thru social media and other platforms.  ERC did not perform any moto propio investigation  on its own except it issued a Show Cause Order against  Meralco after the fact when complaints  had mounted in the media .

The 50 000 complaints  came from the Chairperson in the  Senate hearing.

Be that as it may  , that the ERC had issued  the subject decision,  and whatever  the direction  the case will move forward, it is our civic and social justice  and  duty that the consumers  who raised  the complaints  on the bill shocks be the beneficiaries of any   fines by way of fair compensation and remedial redress   for the anxiety, inconvenience , big trouble  and harm suffered by them.

We reiterate that the ERC  should  decide  ” outside the box” in pursuit  of consumer welfare.

We appreciate favorable action on this matter.  Thank you .

Due to limited mobility imposed  , I affirm the authenticity of this email.

Please acknowledge receipt.

Laban Konsyumer Inc.
Atty. Victorio Mario Dimagiba
President Laban Konsyumer Inc.