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LABANKONSYUMER paper on the Energy Plan 2018-2040


August 25, 2020


LABAN KONSYUMER President  Vic Dimagiba recently stated the group’s messages on the 2018 -2040  Philippine  and  “we want to highlight our points on the expensive  Feed in Tariff or FIT , consumer representation in regulatory bodies and governing boards of power and energy entities ,  continuing  Information and Education Campaign  on energy efficiency and conservation, as well as the implementation of the Murang Kuryente  Act.”

 Laban Konsyumer Inc.  acted as a Resource Person in the Public Consultation of  the Energy Plan which  was hosted and presided by   DOE Usec. Atty. William B. Fuentabella saying “Thank  you for  the invitation and we respectfully submit our comments and recommendations to  the 2018-2040 Philippine Energy Plan , presented in the suggested template.”

In the group’s COMMENTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS ON THE DRAFT PHILIPPINE ENERGY PLAN ( PEP ) 2018-2040, Laban Konsyumer  said that the government should enable “ consumer interest with greater choice at lower prices”,  one of the consumers universal right taken  from the United Nations Guidelines on Consumer Protection or UNGCP, General Assembly Res 39/248 16 April 1985, expanded by the Economic and Social  Council in Res. 1999/7 26  July 1999 and revised/adopted by the General Assembly in Res 70/186 22 December 2018.

Dimagiba hit the Energy Regulatory Commission  Feed in Tariff  Res 06,    2020 that  adjusted  higher FIT rates  retroactive to 2016 , whereas  the  Ayala Energy Solar Energy in Vietnam and India are estimated  to be paid only  FIT of  Php 2.00 and Php 1.50 pkwh.

Dimagiba lamented the consumers conundrum on the long delayed implementation of the Murang Kuryente Act, and it  was disclosed in the Forum that only an amount  of Php 4..0 Billion is “ allocated “  for 2021 to pay all  the stranded debts and stranded contract debts , which consumers contiue to pay , despite the  effectivity of the law.  Whether the amount of Php 4 Billion allocated will be appropriated in the General Appropriation Law for 2021  is still an outstanding item, added Usec Fuentebella of DOE. Dimagiba’s Petition on the MKA remains  pending in the Energy Regulatory Commission.

In the area of  good governance , Laban Konsyumer proposed that  recognized consumer organizations or groups should be appointed  in  regulatory implementing agencies as well  as in the governing Boards of power  agencies like NPC, PSALM. PEMC, NGCP, DUs and ECs.”

Laban Konsyumer proposed amendments to  the Oil  Deregulation Law or  Republic  Act No. 8479, such as the  transfer to  the Philippine Competiton Commission the mandate of the DOE and DOJ Task Force on enforcement and prosecution of illegal acts of price manipulations and other prohibited acts and the inclusion of DOE Circular on Unbundling of oil prices in the law  and to repeal the existing DOE Pricing Formula.   

The group also related “Energy Efficiency And Conservation Updates, suggesting that a  regular and easy learning community based Information and Education Campaign and Program be  integrated in the  K to  K-12 curricula.