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LKI 2020- 022 Press Statement on Executive Order 113.

May 5, 2020

LKI 2020-022 Press Statement  on Executive Order  113.
( as amended) 

Under the Executive Order all consumers  share in the nobility and dignity  of the Covid 19   Healing  as well as adding funds in  the stimulus  of the economy.  

The consumers appreciate   that the Presidents weekly report under the  Bayanihan to Heal as One Law  should  state the total tariif collection under this Executive Order. 

Pope Francis reminded that we should guard against the profiteers and usurers,  which the Pope calls as a social pandemic .

On the profiteers,  We  should guard against companies who may not be affected by the tariff but who will take advantage and price their products at par with those affected by tariff increase. Oil companies will likely  pass on the burden to consumers and those not affected will follow suit and earn windfall profits.