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LKI to House Defeat Covid 19- Part 1

Recommendations to the House Defeat COVID19 AdHoc Cttee, thru the Committee on Trade & Industry


Atty. Vic Dimagiba


Laban Konsyumer, Inc.

Aprul 5,  2020


We are proposing an amendment to the Price Act to include Health Protective Devices or  Personal Protective Equipment and goods like face masks, alcohol, hand sanitizers, disinfectants and similar goods and supplies  in the list of Basic Necessities that will be subject to price freeze under the Price Act.

We also strongly recommend that all on-line/internet purchases of Basic Necessities and Prime Commodities should be governed by the provisions of the Price Act. 

Likewise, a centralized  and decicated, no more than 4 digit 24 / 7 consumer hotline should be established and immediately operational. All reports and complaints must be acted upon not more than 48 hours from filing of complaint

We are submitting the above proposals as we continue to learn lessons from the COVID 19.