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LKI 2020-009 on cheaper medicines.

February 17, 2020

LKI 2020-009 Press Statement

Cheaper medicines or the Maximum Drug Retail Price. 

The Laban Konsyumer Inc . expresses it’s sincere appreciation to President Duterte for the signature of the Executive Order that will implement 90 days after its  signing a reduction in prices of at least 50 pct.   of around 87 medicines plus 33 more  or a total of 120 medicines or better known as the Maximum Drug Retail Price or MDRP . Kudos also to Secretary Francisco  Duque and his team Dr Eric Domingo , Dr.  John Wong and Dr. Melissa Guerrero,  to all patients  and consumer groups including Laban Konsyumer,  who supported the program despite the turbulent opposition  of the pharmaceutical industry and some officials in the public sector.  The reduction included in the formula the privileges of senior citizens and persons with disabilities.  Thank you to all. 

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