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LKI statement on the 3rd tranche of the excise taxes on fuel

December 28, 2019

LKI statement on the 3rd tranche of excise taxes on fuel products. 

“THERE are mitigating  lower  power and  water rates   that should maintain the prevailing prices or Suggested  Retail prices of basic necessities and prime commodities and offset   the  added costs on goods and services due to the 

 implemetation of the the 3rd tranche of the excise taxes on fuel products  . 

The water concessionaires had deferred the collection  of the 2nd tranche  of approved water rate hike in the amount of Php 1.95 for Maynilad and Php 2.00 for Manila water, per cu m due for collection in January  2020.

FEED in Tariff Allowance of Php 0. 22 pkwh will be reduced by at least  two 

.02  centavos pkwh based  on  Transco written manifestation submitted to the ERC.  LKI sees a .04 pkwh rollback, however.

Also ,Meralco shall pass on to the  consumers the impact of their new Power supply agreements not later than the February billing cycle of at least the maximum of .40 pkwh based on Provisional Authority  issued by ERC . LKI had supported Meralco’s petitions in the ERC.

All concerned agencies should intensify price and supply monitoring and enforcement into the new year accordingly. ” 

Vic Dimagiba 


Laban Konsyumer Inc.