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LKI message for 2019

A Message from Laban Konsyumer Inc.

We share our thanksgiving for the year and best wishes for 2020. 

 OUR advocacy received a tremendous boost from all of  you as we shared information and education to all consumers on their rights and responsibilities on varied  subject matters. 

This year LKI received its  recognition as a Consumer Organization from  the Department of Trade and Industry and remains a full term Member of the Consumers  International .

The latest BSP survey  hit the bullseye. Consumer confidence  went down and item 1 listed is High Commodity prices .

 Whether agricultural or non –

agricultural products the year witnessed increases  in prices across all products   . 

LKI had initiated specific legal action on major fronts , such as the legality of collecting VAT on Excise taxes, opposed and  intervened in  the imposition of safeguard duty on cement before the Court of Tax Appeals, filed a complaint affidavit of price fixing and collusion against oil companies  with the Philippine Competition Commission, filed with the Energy Regulatory Commission  a petition to make public the 3 year maintainance schedule of generation plants and clamored for lower Feed in Tariff Allowance .  

FOR Inaction and delays of regulatory agencies  , LKI had sought assistance with  the Anti Red Tape Authority.

We achieved so much more  .

 Our website at 

contains an archive of information on consumer rights and responsibilities. 


LABAN KONSYUMER INC . Trustees and Members .