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LKI 50th Press Statement

LKI 50th Press Statement
October 21, 2019


LABAN KONSYUMER INC. in a statement  said that Hog Farm gate prices plummets to 100  to 110  pesos a kilo as of October  17 . On August 28 , Farm gate prices range from 126 to 128 pesos a kilo, or negative 18 to 26 PESOS a kilo .

The persistent effort to stem the epidemic brought about by the ASF continues to hurt  especially the backyard raisers from the continuing decline in the farm gate prices.  Vic Dimagiba  added that the Government should strictly Monitor whether the current Farm gate prices are still  above  producers costs and to ready appropriate financial support when needed. 
HOWEVER, much has to be  desired at the irrational  retail sector . From end September to October 19, the retail  prices based on government data stand and remained  steady at low  220  pesos a kilo , high of 250 pesos a kilo and prevailing  of 230 pesos.
RETAIL prices should hover from 160 to 170 a kilo using the farm gate prices plus 60 pesos a kilo industry benchmark. 
DIMAGIBA said we have a relatively calmer diesel prices for almost a month , thus traders are keeping extra savings. 
Given the erratic logic of how and chicken  retail  prices behaves ,  Laban Konsyumer calls for the immediate imposition  of an SRP for the duration of the epidemic up to the end of the holiday season.  This will give consumers a breathing spell on high prices of pork and chicken.