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LKI 43rd Press Statement on Safeguard duty for cement

LKI 43rd Press Statement 
September 2. 2019
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From: labankonsyumer <>
Date: 9/2/19 14:56 (GMT-06:00)
Subject: Safeguard Duty on Cement
Laban Konsyumer urges Tariff Commission and DTI – PROBE RETAIL PRICES OF CEMENT;  SRP on cement MUDDIED  in the TARIFF COMMISSION Final Report On safeguard duty for cement .
Based on official records, retail prices prevailing in July across the country are way way higher than the the Tariff Commission finding of ex warehouse prices of local manufacturers  as well as landed cost of inported cement.
Vic Dinagiba, LKI President stated no position on the debate  between traders and manufacturers on the basis of the recommended  safeguard duty, i. e. ex warehouse for the local plants and lamded cost plus warehousing for imported cement. The final safeguard duty impacts on the retail prices of cement .
Dimagiba said  before and reiterates now that the safeguard  duty was in the nature of an ” authorized  price increase” on all brands of cement , local or imported. The consumers always end up at the losing end of the supply chain.
Dimagiba continued that the debate had muddied  the earlier announcements of DTI on setting SRP on cement  which had been promised , required in the DTI preliminary report , but now  set aside , withdrawn and forgotten, all to the prejudice of the consumers .
 Even the final report of the Tariff  Commission , absolutely and totally ignored , muddied and   remained silent on the SRP on cement despite being raised in the initial position paper , in the prelininary hearing and hearings , and in the final position paper , submitted by Laban Konsyumer Inc.
In the initial position paper of LKI submitted to the TC in February  , retail prices ranges from 205 to 215.  However as of July, in NCR retail prices stand at 140 pesos per 40 kg bag.
Here are the monitored retail prices for July by regions of Holcim, Mindanao, Republic, Rizal, Advance Eagle , Grand Pozzalan , Mayon and Halong. All in pesos per  40 kg bag. Data gathered from the DTI price data base.
NCR  220 to 240 
 Cordillera Adm Reg  235 to 240
Region I.  225 to 235
Region II 230 to 250
Reg iii 215 to 225
Reg IV A  225 to 250
Reg  IV B  230 to 270
Reg V  215 to 250
Reg  VI. 200 to 225
Reg VII 183 to 198
Reg VIII  230 to 250
Reg IX 230 to 235
Reg X  215 to 255
Reg XI  195 to 210
Reg  XII 240
CàRAGA  217 to 235
Please acknowledge receipt.
Atty. Vic Dimagiba
Laban Konsyumer Inc. 

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