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LKI statement on the veto of the Security of Tenure Bill

JULY 27 , 2019

LKI Statement on the veto of the SOT

Laborers are consumers . 

The SOT could have been the start of the opportunity for Laborers / consumers to  earn a steady and stable earnings that will allow them greater and bigger access to basic services and goods, education and livelihood as well as a healthy wellbeing , which access to services and goods are universal rights  of all consumers.  

Our kasambahay of 10 years left 2 years ago and works in a Bataan eco zone.  She looks happy that the SOT will be a law. She texted me that she joined the May 1 labor rally to lobby for the law.  She still works 5 months and 1 month off. 

For all the good works still to come , we are confident that the leadership of the labor sector like Messrs Louie Corral and Alan Tanjusay of the ALU TUCP and others shall remain steadfast in their advocacy .