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LKI statement on the 7 centavos rollback issued by the ERC

Statememt on the rollback of 7 centavos per kwh by the Energy Regulatory Commission for all Distribution Utilities 


JULY 5 , 2019

The newly reconstituted Energy Regulatory Commission  is slowly emerging as a  regulatory and quasi judicial entity that promotes  consumer welfare. 

Over the past months the Commission had ordered a reduction in the Feed in Tariff Allowance  collected from all consumers. 

Recently, the Commission ordered a reduction in the distribution charges collected by all distribution utilities in the country. 

The Laban Konsyumer Inc.   observes that these reduction  in electricity rates are good for all types of consumers.  While in small amounts , the reduction when added up should bring electricity rates lower for  all of us. 

The mandate  of the ERC in the EPIRA law is clear which is to ensure the protection of the consumers.  

Atty Vic Dimagiba 


Laban Konsyumer Inc.