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Lki 34th Press Statement ” Back to Basics” measures in price monitoring and enforcement.

The past week shows price increases  in  processed milk , coffee, fish sauce , pork liempo and whole chicken.  

What should consumers and the government do ? 

1.  In wet markets, let us  check  the weights by using   Timbangan ng  Bayan . Maybe the DTI should conduct an inventory  of weighing scales. Consumers should demand pro rata refund  for wrong   weights. LGUs should confiscate  defective weighing scales until recalibrated and impose fines.

2. LGUs in coordination with DTI and  D A should require  revival of simple price boards in wet market stalls for fish, veggies and meat products.  Price tags help consumers and government both ways. Price tags help consumers by providing them choices  and help government by showing behavior of  prices.

3. SRPs  for pork liempo and whole chicken  can be set for a limited  period until retail prices go down. Pork prices  ranges from 220 to 260 a kilo  while whole chicken prices range from 140 to 180 a kilo . 220 and 140 pesos   a kilo are  fair and reasonable SRPs.

4. The government should issue  notices  of violation or show cause orders and impose  fines as per Price Act as amended.

5. Collaborate  with market vendors associations to assist in the compliance with simple and doable measures on price monitoring and enforcement.

6. Engage  with consumer organizations  accredited or recognized by the government in  price  adjustments  of Basic Necessities and Prime commodities .