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LKI Statement on the February 2019 national inflation of 3.8 %

The inflation for the bottom 30% of households stands at 5.9 pct in January. Let’s hope the 3.8 pct cascaded to them too .

Also, inflation rate for Feb 2019 of “electricity, gas, and other fuels” was 5.2%. compare to February 2018. This may be the impact of the fuels excise taxes which was fully implemented in February and fully priced in. Comparing Jan and Feb 2019, the increase¬† of electricity, gas and fuels is 2.1% but the increase for all items was 0.2 % only.

Laban Konsyumer Inc. welcomes that February’s inflation fell within the 2 to 4 pct target for the year. Our group shall continue its vigilance towards transparency and full disclosure of information affecting consumer welfare and prices.