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July 2018 Report

We are uploading in the Facebook the
weekly and at times during the week the Laban Konsymer Inc. advocacies and information sharing to the consumers.
Our Facebook name is Laban Konsyumer Inc.
Our Konsyumer News column in the website is likewise updated on a regular basis.
For July, major consumer advocacies are the following:
1. Advocacies on the water rate hike petitions of Manila Water and Manila. The Business Plans are uploaded in the website of the mwss regulatory office in compliance with the Freedom to Information Executive Order.
2. Resource person before the 2nd National Union of Career Executive Officers and lectured on the TRAIN law.
3. Dialogue with the TNCs and TNV s re issues and concerns of the ride hailing sector.
4. Participated in the public hearing regarding the selection of the 3rd Telco player.
5. Supported bill in the Senate on the use of the Malampaya royalty to pay for the universal charges billed to consumers.