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MWSS open to rĂȘlease rate hike documents

Press Statement, July 17, 2018
MWSS open to release rate hike documents
Laban Konsyumer Inc. President Victorio Mario A. Dimagiba announced today that the MWSS Regulatory Office has formally received LKI?s request made under the Freedom of Information Law (FOI law) for release of documents pertaining to the 4th rate rebasing petition of MWSS water concessionaires Manila Water and Maynilad, in compliance with directive dated July 11, 2018 of the Chief Regulator, Mr. Patrick Lester N. Ty.
The requested documents include data covering the concessionaires? business plans for the earlier first, second, and third rate rebasing petitions applied for, and granted by the regulatory agency MWSS, as well as the data covering the grounds for the current fourth rate rebasing petition now under evaluation by MWSS, including the historical cash flows from 2013-1017 , future cash flows up to 2037, amount of corporate income tax included and excluded in the water rate, system losses, audited financial statements and corporate income tax returns for the past 5 years and the MWSS contract with the consultants TCI Inc. and Constantino Guadalquiver & Co.
Dimagiba pointed out that water is an indispensable item in every consumer?s daily life and therefore, the equity, or inequity, of the rates applied on the cost of the services of the water delivered to the consumers is also of significant importance and must be understood by, and justified to, the consumers.
Dimagiba stated that the requested documents should be able to enable the consumers to understand the rate rebasing process and thereby, allow the consumers to meaningfully contribute to the evaluation. In particular, Dimagiba said that disclosing and understanding the historical context and the parameters of the rate rebasing process and its underpinnings found in the requested documents will allow all stakeholders to craft an equitable evaluation and determination of the current petitions from Maynilad and Manila Water. The final consultation is scheduled on the last week of August. The current business plan may be uploaded in the MWSS website before August 1.