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April- May 2018 performance report

? Laban Konsyumer Inc. is proud to be a new Member of the Consumers International.
? On Laban Konsyumer Inc. initiative, the National Telecommunications Commission or NTC issued a Circular on electronic billing and prohibiting the collection of an extra fee for a paper copy of the statement of account.
? Laban Konsyumer Inc. is a Member of the Ethics Committee of the Infant Pediatric and Nutrition Association of the Philippines or IPNAP.
? The PCCI-San Pablo, Laguna Chapter is the 1st corporate member of Laban Konsyumer Inc.
? Laban Konsyumer Inc. membership had grown to seventy (70) active and voluntary members all across the country.
? Laban Konsyumer Inc. is a member of Technical Committees of the Bureau of Philippine Standards of DTI (BPS/DTI), such as the ISO COPOLCO or Consumer Policy, Audio, Video and Multimedia Equipment, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Cleanliness and associated controlled environment, Household and small kitchen appliances, lamps and receptacles, electric wiring devices, and Smart City, thru Messrs. Jessie Mallonga, Rico del Moro, Andrew de la Rosa and the President.
? Laban Konsyumer Inc. acted as resource person in the Senate inquiries and hearings on the subjects of ?nakaw load?, natural gas roadmap, national electrification and the impact of the TRAIN law on prices and commodities.
? Laban Konsyumer Inc. acted as resource person in the House inquiries and hearings on bills pertaining to Systems Losses, abolition of the Energy Regulatory Commission and amendment to the Corporation Code.
? Laban Konsyumer Inc. pursues the issuance of the Circular that shall ?unbundle?
the price of petroleum products to ensure transparency and justified price increases.
? Laban Konsyumer Inc. sustains its information dissemination and advocacy on various consumer issues thru television, radio, newspapers , online and social media.
? Laban Konsyumer Inc. acted as a resource person before the senior political science students of the University of Santo Tomas or UST on the TRAIN Law.
? Laban Konsyumer Inc. spoke on consumer rights in the Digital world during the Privacy Awareness Week.