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Senior Citizens concerns

1. Q. Meron lamang po lamang I tanong patungkol sa meralco at ito po ay kung binabayaran nila ang konsumo nila sa koryente o pinapasa rin nila sa consumer na kung tutuusin million piso rin ito sa dami ng kanilang office. Isa pa po ay kung bakit wala sa bill ang actual reading at yun lamang total kilowatt na consumption, salamat po na marami.
Please read the front and back of your meralco bill for the details.
What I know is ERC allowed Meralco a fixed amount for utilities like water and electricity. When they spend more than the amount , they have to pay the excess amount.
If you wish to pursue please send your inquiry to
2. Q . Date: 3/24/2018 Details: Can a senior citizen send a representative to purchase goods on his/her behalf on a restaurant? Regards.
Yes but the restaurant may allow discount on a pro rata basis . With letter authority and the seniors identification card.
Example pizza some divide by 3 or 4 depends on the size .
Sinigang divide by 4 . Normally food items divisor is 4 .
This is to ensure privilege is enjoyed by the senior citizen only.

If you wish to pursue or file a complaint please submit to your local OSCA office located in the city or municipal hall.
Thank you
Atty vic dimagiba