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2.7 kg Lpg cylinder For outdoor Use Only

Copied from Alvin Elchico Facebook Post
22 March 2018
DOE E-SAFETY MO Advisory: 2.7kg LPG Cylinders ?For Outdoor Use Only?
(Taguig City)?The Department of Energy (DOE) required manufacturers and retailers to comply with the additional marking of ?For Outdoor Use Only? on the body of every small-sized 2.7 kilogram liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders sold in the market.
This new rule is outlined in Department Circular No. DC2018-03-0004 entitled: ?Prohibiting the Sale and Distribution of Small-Sized 2.7kg Capacity and Below LPG Cylinders Without the Required ?For Outdoor Use Only? Marking in Addition to the Usual Mandatory Marking for LPG Cylinders.?
The policy is consistent with the revised Philippine National Standards (PNS) 03-1:2014 issued by the Bureau of Product Standards specifying the additional mandatory marking to be indicated in the body of a small-sized 2.7kg LPG cylinders.
The new marking also serves as a warning to consumers that the product should not be used inside their homes. Other mandatory markings are brand name and logo, net content in kilogram, tare weight in kilogram, date of requalification (month/year) and safety warning signs and other informational signs as prescribed.
Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi pointed out: ?The intention of the new policy is to increase the safety precaution on the use of LPG products, particularly the 2.7kg LPG cylinders to significantly reduce the risks of fire hazards.?
?We need to put a stop to the destructive fire incidents caused by the misuse of 2.7kg LPG cylinders, which should technically be for outdoor use only?, Cusi explained.
The energy chief said the issuance is timely as the country observes Fire Prevention Month this March.
Based on the monitoring of the DOE-Oil Industry Management Bureau (OIMB), the recent fire incidents in Caloocan, Quezon City and Taguig were all related to the indoor use of 2.7kg LPG.
The DOE advises the public that 2.7 kg cylinder lacks the following safety features:
1.) Pressure Relief Valve (PRV); and
2.) Regulator.
Without these two components, the possibility of having LPG leaks is much higher as compared with household LPG cylinders which comply with these features. This is a major reason why the DOE is advising the consumers that small-sized 2.7kg LPG cylinders should only be used outside for proper outdoor ventilation to prevent the accumulation of LPG vapor in an enclosed space that would result in fire hazards, including explosion.
The Circular also outlined the penalties for any violation committed by LPG refiller/marketer, dealer and LPG retail outlet.
Based on the latest data from the DOE-OIMB, the LPG companies with small-sized 2.7kg LPG cylinders are the following:
1.) Shine Gaz;
2.) Petron Gasulette;
3.) Superkalan (Brenton); and
4.) Powerkalan (Pryce Gases).
The Circular on 2.7kg LPG markings was published on 20 March (Tuesday) in two (2) newspapers of general circulation, which will take effect immediately after its publication.
?Your safety is our paramount concern. Let us use our energy resources wisely,? Cusi concluded.
Please report any violation of the new rule to the DOE-OIMB through tel. nos. 840-2184 and 840-2130 or email at