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December 2017-January 2018 Report

# ensures that added cost will not be passed on to the consumers in the Circular issued by the Department of Energy pertaining to the Renewal Energy Protocol Standards.
# continuing participation as resource person in Bills pending in the Senate and the House relating to oil prices, systems losses and restructuring of the Energy Regulatory Commission.
#ongoing hearing before the National Telecommunications Commission in a case filed by LKI against Globe Telecom relating to E-Billing.
Relatedly, NTC had issued a draft guideline for public consultation.
# participated in the public consultation held by the Bureau of Internal Revenue relating to the implementing rules and regulations of the TRAIN Act.
# filed a Petition for Certiorari with the Supreme Court raising issues of violation of the Constitution of the TRAIN Act. The Government was ordered to file the Comment.
# upon the invitation of the Eco waste Coalition, LKI participated in the advocacy for safe toys for children in a Sunday event at the Quezon City Memorial Circle.
# a 2- hour Know your rights and responsibilities forum before the employees of Japan Tobacco International.
# continuing consumer advocacy on different issues with our media friends from the television, radio and prints; as well as in LKI Facebook and website.
# participated as a resource person upon the invitation of a JICA sponsored event on Traffic Management issues.
# continuing assistance to various consumer complaints submitted thru LKI Facebook, website and email accounts.